Local Artist captures the Super Heroics of Bree Newsome

Bree Newsome, the South Carolina activist made famous for removing the Confederate flag from the South Carolina State House on Saturday, became a real life hero for millions with her courageous act. Artist Quinn McGowan, of Legends Press Comics based here in Memphis, earned international press with his portrait of Bree after his Facebook post went viral.

News outlets such as Upworthy and PRI: Public Radio International have covered Quinn and other artists’ representations of Bree’s heroic act.

In honoring the fellow artist, McGowan is quoted as saying “The first thing I thought of when I saw her up there was “hero”, but it was when she came down that was significant. The face she made when they arrested her. She seemed serene…at peace, that what she did was right. I saw freedom on her face that transcended her handcuffs . She was a real-life superhero. that made me draw her without the harnesses. I wanted to EMBELLISH her.”

McGowan’s work has been featured here on Neosoulville through the Tales of the Iron Mic Series which explores a dystopian Hip Hop Future. A collection of his various artistic mediums can be found at QuinnProArt.com. His comics are available at Legends Press and additional work that he has completed in collaboration with artists and writers across the U.S. is available at Operative.net.

Giovanni Dortch

A lifelong reader and lover of the arts, Giovanni is a scholar, entrepreneur and activist who believes it is the responsibility of every woman to use her voice to shape the world in which she lives.

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